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What is your first memory of the World Wide Web? Let's look far back in the past. Tik-toсk, look at the swinging watch. Your eyes are closing, and you're starting to see the hottest design trends penetrating the web in the '90s. Sans fonts, hit counters, animated GIFs, and comic details saturated websites at that time.

We're entering the age of technological revolutions and massive diffusion of technologies connecting people around the globe. The constant development of mobile devices gave birth to new forms of communication and 24/7 connectivity in social networks. They play a significant role in changing human consciousness and shaping new customer behavior...

Preferences in the user interface design shift and change all the time. In this article we take a look at the big trends that started bubbling up in 2018 and look set to explode this year - these are the themes you should be taking notice of.

You should know who you're creating for. Your user is not an abstract substance. Think of a person. Explore your customer persona as you'd like to explore the mind of your loved one. Discover his or her wants and habits.

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